Dramatically Reduce Road Maintenance Costs
Ideal for gravel roads, cold-mix pavement & oiled roads
Use less new gravel, reduce emissions & increase efficiency
Recover & reuse existing aggregate
Prevent topsoil contamination during lease road & pipeline construction
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Road Badger: Unbelievable Savings

Slash your Road Maintenance costs

If you knew of a road maintenance machine that could save man-hours, help you use less gravel and reduce your overall costs enough to pay for itself within a few weeks, how quickly would you snap it up?

Meet the Road Badger

Road Badger is a unique, highly versatile machine that can be used for road rehabilitation, aeration, road redemption and conservation of road building materials.

Unlike a grader, Road Badger works just as well on cold mix or lightly surfaced roads as it does on gravel and oiled roads.

With the price of gravel and oil on the rise and another potential labour shortage on the horizon, you can’t afford not to have the Road Badger in your fleet.

The Road Badger can cut your road maintenance costs in half! Some clients have reported saving as much as 60% on a single job!

The Road Badger saves time, money and fuel by reducing the number of passes needed to properly maintain your gravel, dirt and cold-mix roads and extending their expected life time. By getting the work done faster and more efficiently, dust control issues associated with road maintenance are reduced or eliminated.

The environmentally friendly Road Badger can earn you carbon credits from the government by helping you reduce your carbon footprint. With the Road Badger you use less product, so you spend less time, money and fuel hauling fresh gravel to your work sites, and the Road Badger works faster and more efficiently and uses less fuel than traditional road maintenance equipment, cutting your emissions even further!

The Road Badger saves non-renewable resources by breaking up the existing road surface to a depth of six inches and remixing the gravel, light road surfacing materials and fines, which can then be graded and compacted into a fresh road surface. This also reduces the number of trips required to haul in replacement gravel and other products.

The Road Badger uses only two litres of fuel per hour, compared to traditional road maintenance equipment that can burn up to 25 gallons every hour!

The Road Badger saves wear and tear on private and commercial vehicles by actually repairing pot holes and other surface defects, not just covering them up. The Road Badger operates at speeds up to 5 km/hour, so your crew can cover more miles every day.

Did you know Alberta has nearly 140,000 km of public gravel, treated or earthen roads, according to the Alberta Economic Development website? Plus there are thousands of kilometres worth of similar private roads across the province, used to access leases, well sites and other industrial work sites. Building and maintaining all those miles of road is a huge, ongoing financial burden. Government and private industry are always looking for practical ways to reduce those costs. The Road Badger reduces the required frequency of regravelling and boasts lower operating costs and higher production rates compared to traditional road maintenance equipment. Road defects are repaired to a depth of six inches, rather than just covered up. Traffic disruptions are minimized. The existing road grade is not altered in the process of maintaining and repairing the road and the life expectancy of the roadway is extended.

These savings can be realized whether the road in question is gravel, earthen, cold mix or oiled by reducing the need for new materials, cutting man-hours and saving fuel!

When it comes to building well site roads, lease roads or pipeline right of ways on leased farm land, the Road Badger is the ideal tool! With precise depth control, to a maximum of six inches, the Road Badger can efficiently fracture and mix top soil, while preventing cross-contamination, even on frozen ground. Landowners can lease their property for temporary industrial use, knowing they won’t face weed control and top soil issues in the future.

"EnCana Pelican Lake had initiated testing with the Road Badger prototype (for a) five month testing period (covering) 115 km of harsh condition oilfield roads. Major cost savings were achieved with the capital cost of the unit being repaid many times over within the five month period! Total financial savings were reported at over $2 million over the five month period! Substantial environmental savings of non-renewable resources were also obtained."

Robert Markle, C.E.T.
Production Technologist, EnCana Oil and Gas Co. Ltd.

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