Road Badger: Matchless machine

Pays for itself in no time

You could nail a house together using a pipe wrench instead of a hammer. But to get the same results, it would take a lot of extra time and resources. Why not just use the tool that was designed to do the job properly in the first place?

It’s the same with road maintenance. Traditional road maintenance equipment gets the job done, sort of, but it could be done much more efficiently and to a higher standard with the Road Badger.

Every piece of equipment has been designed for a specific task and should be used in such a way as to maximize its strengths. It just isn’t cost-effective to force equipment to multi-task on jobs it was never intended for.

Road Maintenance equipment,Road Badger

The Road Badger is unique. It was specifically designed to fill the void in conventional equipment and road maintenance procedures to save time, money and resources. The Road Badger is the only machine engineered to eliminate road surface defects and reclaim, remix and restore existing materials to the surface without crushing them further. At the same time, the Road Badger helps directly recoup your capital investment by lowering operational costs and generating material savings. Using a combination of conventional and innovative maintenance methods, the Road Badger helps offset the rising costs of road maintenance.

Tax relief and direct savings

Whether you represent a private industry or a public organization, Road Maintenance requires major funding, whether managed by public or private industry. Use of the Road Badger can increase tax relief. Read more about how Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada generated substantial cost savings using the Road Badger.

Below are some just some of the ways the Road Badger can better your bottom line:

  • Use substantially less materials and aggregate
  • Increase production by covering more road in the same amount of time
  • Reduce equipment fuel and maintenance costs with more efficient road maintenance practices
  • Use existing equipment more effectively
  • Fewer road defects and better travelling surfaces means reduced wear and tear on private and commercial vehicles
  • Increase the life expectancy of your roads
  • More efficient road maintenance means your company saves on labour costs
  • Estimated fuel consumption is 1 to 1.5 gallons/hour
  • Reduce emissions and use fewer non-renewable resources to earn carbon credits and other government tax breaks
  • Money saved can be reinvested or diverted to other projects

Environmental Benefits

Make your operation more sustainable and environmentally friendly, compared to conventional road maintenance practices.

The Road Badger can help your operation go green by:

  • Reducing the amount of gravel, fines and other non-renewable resources needed to maintain your roads
  • Helping you conserve water by reducing your reliance on aggregate mining
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Increasing your efficiency
  • Reducing your need to haul in fresh gravel and materials
  • Reducing the amount and likelihood of fluid spillage from road maintenance vehicles
  • Reducing your need for dust control and road stabilization measures
  • Creating less stress on wildlife habitat
  • Reducing the amount of air pollution you create
  • Reducing your land reclamation requirements

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Road Management Benefits

The Road Badger helps you make more effective use of your equipment in a variety of road management applications.

For example, the Road Badger:

  • doesn’t change or damage the grade line
  • works precisely to prevent vegetation from being pulled into the road materials
  • actually repairs surface road defects such as potholes and washboard rather than simply filling them in
  • minimizes the potential for operator error
  • increases the life span of your roads
  • finds existing aggregate and fines and makes them available for reuse on the road surface
  • leaves the existing road surface stronger, with better consolidation
  • helps reduce maintenance and operation costs
  • mixes product thoroughly and efficiently
  • reduces the number of taxpayer complaints
  • reduces air pollution

Health and Safety Benefits

Many health and safety issues arise from road maintenance and construction. The Road Badger is an innovative method of road maintenance that can make a huge difference in this area.

The Road Badger helps:

  • increase the safety of road maintenance crews and improve their working conditions
  • increase traffic safety during road maintenance projects
  • reduce traffic accidents by repairing surface road defects, such as potholes and washboard
  • reduce the frequency of operator back problems by repairing road defects that can cause jarring and vibration of a vehicle
  • improve traction on the travelling surface making the roadway safer for motorists
  • reduce liability claims
  • reduce driver stress that results from poor road quality
  • reduce CO2 emissions