Road Badger: Road, Gravel and Cold Mix Reclamation

Road Maintenance Videos and Animations

The following videos demonstrate the power and versatility of the Road Badger as it rips through compacted gravel roads, frozen topsoil and cold mix pavement with ease. Video #4 provides an animated view of exactly how the Road Badger works to repair - not just cover up! - pot holes and washboard.

Road Badger Technical Information

Frozen ground can't stop Road Badger

Conventional maintenance machines can't compete

Road Badger rips through cold mix pavement

Potholes and washboard disappear!

Service Animations

The following animations are intended to assist users with servicing their Road Badgers by demonstrating how the various parts can be removed during routine maintenance.

Wheel replacement

Spoon replacement

Oil Filter replacement

Knife Replacement

Hyd Filter replacement

Gang Re-torque

Fuel Filter replacement

Disk Motor Replacement

Coupling assembly repair

Road Badger assembly

Replace air cleaner filter

Empty air pre-cleaner