Road Badger: Engineering Reports

UMA Engineering has undertaken in numerous independent field assessments and operational reviews of the Road Badger. These third party assessments detail and explain the benefits of the Road Badger, as well as providing comparative data over existing methods.

"The equipment was used on a number of road sections within the vicinity and the Manager of Transportation from Sturgeon County provided cost comparisons between traditional oiled road maintenance and the Road Badger Operation. These cost comparisons indicated a savings of $1,600 to $3,785 per section of road or $500 to $1,000 per hour of Road Badger operation."

Field Reports

The following field reports detail and identify the Road Badger's performance of Road Rehabilitation, with comparisons noted over conventional methodology.

"In order to quantify the effect of the "Road Badger" equipment on the roadway, grain size analysis were performed on the granular samples obtained in the field evaluation. The percentage of gravel (by weight of gravel retained on the 5.0mm screen) in each sample was compared between the "before" and "after" samples"

"The results show a significant increase in the percentage gravel near the surface"

"The results of this evaluation indicate that this piece of road maintenance equipment - the "Road Badger" has a noticeable and measurable effect on breaking up hard road surfaces such as gravel, oiled gravel and gravel with dust abatement additives. The operation of the Road Badger produces a surface with more gravel, allows for reclamation and re-mixing of oil and dust abatement products, allows for the grading-out of road surface defects, such as washboard and ruts, and facilitates improved cross-section drainage."


The following are highlights from a report presented at the TAC (Transportation Association of Canada) 2004 Annual conference in Quebec City:

"Conventional road maintenance procedures are not always efficient and are not maximizing the limited resources of most road authorities. There are potential savings in the efficiency of the maintenance and in the annual cost of aggregates by utilizing new road maintenance equipment. That is not to say one should sell off motor graders and other equipment. There is a right use for each and it is a matter of using the equipment to maximize on its strengths."

The Road Badger "uses the existing road gravel to provide a better road surface. By loosening and sorting the gravel in place, the equipment is able to repair roadway defects without reducing gravel thicknesses around the defect. The equipment is not self propelled and requires a tight blade pass from a Motor Grader to complete the maintenance."

"Advantages of this equipment are that it utilizes the existing road gravel without disturbing the sub-grade soils and lengthens the time between regravelling."

- Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals in Alberta