Road Badger: Answering your questions

Reduces air pollution, Reduce costs

What is a Road Badger?

Road Badger is a unique, highly versatile patented road restoration machine. It is designed to build, maintain and restore gravel, earthen, cold mix and oiled roads. It is also ideal for aeration, redemption and conservation of aggregate, fines, dust abatement and other products, restoring them to the travelling surface and blending and binding them together.

What type of machine is required to pull Road Badger?

Road Badger can be pulled by a grader, a tractor or a dozer.

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What can Road Badger do for my organization?

  • Use significantly less aggregate and other products
  • Increase production
  • Reduce fuel and equipment maintenance costs
  • Use existing equipment more efficiently and increase its life span
  • Reduce frequency of regravelling
  • Money saved can be redirected to other projects
  • Lower overall operation and maintenance costs
  • Increase overall road quality

Better roads + Less maintenance = $$$ in your pocket

How does Road Badger compare to conventional road maintenance equipment?

Road Badger is the only road maintenance machine designed to recondition and upgrade gravelled and lightly surfaced roads and eliminate road surface defects to a depth of 6".

Graders were primarily designed to blade loose material into a smooth driving surface and maintain the crown and road grade necessary for drainage on gravel roads. When it comes to cold mix or lightly surfaced roads, graders are basically useless in terms of repair and rehabilitation.
Reclaimers were designed to pulverize and grind the existing road surface and base material to a depth of 18" in preparation for a new layer of road surfacing material to be laid.

Road Badger, on the other hand, restores existing gravel and other road building materials to the surface without grinding or crushing them and can move seamlessly from oiled roads, to gravel to cold mix or lightly surfaced roads without a hitch.

How does Road Badger work?

Road Badger connects to the rear of a power unit, such as a grader or tractor. Ripper blades cut through the surface of the road, while spoons churn up the material, bringing gravel and product back to the surface where it can be re-used. Road Badger can be set to a precise depth of up to six inches. That precision allows Road Badger to be used for top soil separation without fear of cross contamination, even on frozen ground.

What is the maximum working depth of Road Badger?

Road Badger works to a maximum depth of 6". Road Badger is perfect for top soil separation because it is very precise and can be set to cut only to the desired depth, to a maximum of 6". This helps prevent cross contamination during the construction of well sites and lease roads on farm land.

What types of roads can be maintained and rehabilitated using Road Badger?

Road Badger can be used on gravel, earthen, oiled or cold mix pavement roads. Its powerful ripper blades easily cut through frozen ground, so it’s also ideal for top soil separation, well-site and lease roads, as well as northern road systems, where permafrost can be an issue.

Are there any other products like Road Badger on the market?

Road Badger is unique! It was specifically designed to fill a void in conventional road maintenance practices.

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What are the potential cost savings of using Road Badger instead of conventional equipment?

Road Badger saves time, money and resources while creating a better, longer lasting travelling surface. Road Badger saves resources by restoring used gravel and product to the surface where it can be re-used. This vastly reduces your company’s need for new gravel and product, resulting in fewer trips to haul in gravel and product and fewer trucks on the road. Plus, better built roads require less maintenance and have a longer life expectancy. Added to all of that, Road Badger works quickly and efficiently, operating faster and requiring fewer passes over the road surface, compared to conventional road maintenance equipment.
Your organization saves money every step of the way!

Will I be able to get parts?

Road Badger was specifically designed and engineered so replacement parts could be purchased locally. Only the frame is exclusive to Road Badger, all of the other parts - hoses, blades, filters, nuts and bolts, even the engine can be found just about any where in the world. This makes it easy to keep your Road Badger running smoothly and also allows you to support your local businesses. Replacement parts can also be ordered through this website. Find the specific part number and then contact Road Badger to place your order.

Does Road Badger improve road safety in any way?

Depending on their depth and size, potholes can cause severe damage to private and commercial vehicles and could potentially render a vehicle undriveable. Washboard roads are annoying and potentially dangerous to drive on, especially at higher speeds. They also put a lot of stress on your vehicle, particularly the suspension.

Unlike graders that only fill in potholes and washboard with loose materials that are blown out with the next vehicle that passes, Road Badger eliminates road defects to a maximum depth of six inches, reducing wear and tear on vehicles and making roads safer for all those who use them.

Where can I buy a Road Badger?

Contact Road Badger directly for purchase and pricing information.

Can Road Badger help reduce operator error?

In a word, yes! Road Badger works efficiently and precisely to recover, reclaim and restore existing road materials to the surface without changing or damaging grade lines. With Road Badger, you will see less vegetation pulled into the road materials mix; operator errors are minimized, reducing the need for additional surface materials; the life span of the road is increased, while the need for regular maintenance is reduced.

  • Controlled depth scarification
  • Efficient and thorough product mixing
  • Reduce tax payer/road user complaints
  • More effective and efficient use of road maintenance equipment

Are there health benefits associated with using Road Badger?

Driving on a road full of defects - pot holes, washboard, ruts, etc. - is hard on a body. Jarring, vibrating, sudden drops into potholes - it all takes it's toll on your spine, your lower back and your neck. If you spend hours every day driving on such roads, you already know that bad roads can cause a bad back. Road Badger fixes those road defects, actually rips right through them and restores the road surface like the potholes and washboard never existed, giving you a better, safer driving experience.

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