Other applications: Product mixing

Dual-Disks for maximum mixing force

Spend less time, money and fuel

The Road Badger's dual disking system generates over 1600 ft/lb of mixing force on each shaft at 120-140 rpm! This allows additional materials to be completely mixed in with existing materials. Whether you need to mix in dust abatement products, road surfacing materials or new aggregate – the Road Badger can handle it quickly and efficiently. Our quick change disk shafts and tine tooling are tailored to your application, allowing you to maximize your production efficiency.

Conventional Methods:

There are two ways to treated aggregate is mixed in conventional road maintenance practices. It is either done with pulverizing equipment or with a grader blade. In this method, the aggregate is windrowed from one side of the road to the other until the material is thoroughly mixed.

After mixing, the aggregate must be profiled according to applicable construction engineering specifications to ensure the proper aggregate size has been achieved. Inconsistencies must then be corrected.

Road Badger Advantages:

  • Does not fracture or damage aggregate, minimizing the time and materials required
  • The product is mixed in situ, minimizing the number of passes required and reducing traffic disruptions

Operators realize huge savings compared to multiple passes with a grader for windrow mixing or the high cost of operating a reclaimer