Road Badger: Built to perform

Engineered to impress

The Road Badger is a unique, highly versatile, patented piece of road restoration equipment. It is used for dirt, gravel and lightly surfaced road rehabilitation, as well as aeration, redemption and conservation of road materials and blending binders and dust abatement products into the travelling surface.

Company History

Road Badger was conceived from a desire to extend expected road life time and reduce maintenance costs associated with ever increasing private, commercial and heavy equipment traffic on gravel, cold mix and oiled roads.

High traffic volumes, heavy equipment and poor drainage damage the road surface, leaving behind potholes, washboard, ruts and rocks. Traditional road maintenance practices involve frequent graveling, oiling, dust control, reconditioning, rehabilitation and resurfacing. This type of road maintenance is expensive and getting more so with the rising cost of gravel and oil. And the problem only gets worse when maintenance is neglected due to financial concerns, as poor roads contribute to wear and tear on vehicles and can cause health problems for drivers.

Research and development of the Road Badger was initiated in early 1996 and a formal patent application was filed in August of that year.

From 1997 through to 2003, further prototypes of the Road Badger were developed and tested, such that by the conclusion of 2003, research and development of the “Road Badger” was substantially completed.

In 2004, a production unit was assembled to finalize the drawings, specifications, manufacturing process, factory testing procedures, component selection and final field evaluations.

By 2008, most short and long term gravel road test results had been evaluated, upgrades and add-ons completed and standards of compliance met as regards GHG offset credit protocols approved by Alberta Environment.