Road Badger: The word is out

Road maintenance testimonials


Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and our past customers have a lot of great things to say about Road Badger. Highlights of their comments are featured below. Pdfs of full reports from our clients are also available.

Pictured right, AEC Ecuador employees trail the Road Badger during a demonstration that showed how effective the machine is, how quickly it works and how much money the company could save on road maintenance and replacement gravel.

Well on cold mix or lightly surfaced roads


"The use of the Road Badger equipment has a noticeable and measurable effect on the road surface. It re-establishes and reworks the gravel surface without the addition of more gravel. As well, it removes road surface defects such as washboard and ruts and improves cross-section drainage. Other noted benefits: Road Badger reduces per kilometre re-gravel and dust abatement costs; extends road life; conserves non-renewable resources; eliminates washboard and ruts; the equipment is very portable."

Ted Harrison, P.Eng.
Materials Engineer,
Technical Standards Branch Alberta Infrastructure

Two more reports from Alberta Infrastructure are also available: AIT 99 and AIT 2005

"EnCana Pelican Lake had initiated testing with the Road Badger prototype (for a) five month testing period (covering) 115 km of harsh condition oilfield roads. Major cost savings were achieved with the capital cost of the unit being repaid many times over within the five month period! Total financial savings were reported at over $2 million over the five month period! Substantial environmental savings of non-renewable resources were also obtained."

Robert Markle, C.E.T.
Production Technologist,
EnCana Oil and Gas Co. Ltd.

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"AEC Ecuador purchased a Road Badger Unit in 2003 for use on oilfield roads in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador. The travelling surface material consists of uncrushed river rock, 2"-3" or larger in size. Road maintenance costs were high and gravel had to be transported considerable distances. Existing methods of road maintenance averaged about one kilometre a day at an estimated cost of USD$1,370 per kilometre, not including aggregate or transportation costs. The ability of the Road Badger to work productively at two to five kilometres per hour doubled conventional road maintenance production. Initial operational cost savings were calculated to exceed USD$30,000 per month, not including aggregate and transportation cost savings generated, as no additional aggregate was required."

Alan Johnston
Facilities Advisor,
AEC Ecuador

"It is our mandate to provide a safe, smooth dust-free gravel driving surface over a poor sub-grade, with the budget allocated by Municipal Council. Unfortunately, underlying the majority of our streets is discontinuous permafrost and ice lenses,which in this time of global warming are thawing, severly affecting the driving surface. With the Badger we recovered and reclaimed all the surface, slope and shoulder gravel and residual suppression agent trapped in layers up to 10 years old. Remember, it costs double to get work done in the north due to the freight and transportation costs. Even so, we did it all for approximately $10,153/km."

H. Doug Whiteman
Public Works Manager,
Town of Norman Wells, NT

"The Road Badger has a noticeable and measurable effect on breaking up hard road surfaces such as gravel, oiled gravel and gravel with dust abatement additives. The operation of the Road Badger produces a surface with more gravel, allows for reclamation and remixing of oil and dust abatement products, allows for the grading out of road surface defects, such as washboard and ruts, and facilitates improved cross-section drainage. All of these items work towards a longer serviceable life for existing roads."

Roland R. Merkosky, P.Eng.
Geotechnical Project Engineer,
UMA Engineering Ltd.

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"Thank you for the opportunity to witness the operation and quality of work performed by your Road Badger. I was impressed by the ability of the equipment to work in the very hard road surfaces and the efficiency with which it was performed. The machine does an excellent job of removing shallow potholes and washboard. The work you completed has resulted in sufficient gravel on the surface to delay regraveling for at least one year. This is a direct cost saving of six to ten thousand dollars. For our limited budget, this is extremely important."

Rod Blair
Elk Island National Park

"We were very impressed with the Road Badger's ability to mix in our Q-X DC-40 stabilization product. The Road Badger performed the product mix in an effective and efficient manner. Based on time documentation, it showed that the Road Badger can be effective in mixing up to eight kilometres per 8 hour day. This is to be compared with blade mixing ... being able to do between one and two kilometres in an eight hour day. The Road Badger (allows) for substantial savings of up to CAD$15,000 per kilometre."

Walter Wilson
Executive Director,
QX Enviro Products Ltd.

"The ability of the Road Badger to penetrate into the extremely hard road surface and bring up 'lost' gravel was impressive. Savings using the Road Badger (amounted to) $240.73 per mile. I feel that with the gravel brought back to the surface by the Road Badger, we will be able to delay graveling the road for two years."

Bob Stauth, C.E.T.
Public Works Supervisor, County of Stettler No. 6

"Thank you for the opportunity to witness the operation and quality of work performed by your Road Badger. The road picked (for our demonstration) was a gravel road that was continually developing washboard. Road Badger proposed scarifying the road crust and into the clay ... to eliminate the washboard then mixing the clay with the surface gravel to provide a strengthened crust. The Road Badger machine performed well, reclaiming gravel and removing washboard. I can see that the Road Badger has the ability to rehabilitate old gravel roads with a cost saving to our gravel program."

Darrell Berlando
Public Works Foreman, Starland County

"Eric Auger and Sons Contracting Ltd. was contracted by EnCana to operate the Road Badger (for) EnCana, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. and Alberta Pacific Forest Industries. We note the following (in regards to the Road Badger): We were able to utilize seasonal equipment year round; we created more jobs; we were able to maintain roads faster ... and with lower equipment costs; much less gravel was ne3eded; (there was) less environmental impact; (we saw) better road conditions over longer periods of time; this could create an additional source of revenue for our company."

Dennis Auger
Manager, Eric Auger and Sons Contracting, Ltd.

"Edmonton International Airport hosted a demonstration of the Road Badger. The Road Badger did a good job of ripping and mixing the top four or five inches of asphalt grindings, completeing a 1.7 km section in one hour and 45 minutes. The asphalt grindings ... are very dry and do not bond together well. We should be mixing the grindings with oil and I believe the Road Badger would do a good job of mixing the material."

Glenn Nystrom
Superintendent, Airside Operations & Maintenance, Edmonton Airports

"We were impressed with the amount of gravel that it could retrieve. We see a significant savings to be gained by utilizing a Road Badger in certain applications on our gravel roads."

Roy R. Crawford EIT, FIT, RPFT
Woodlands Operations Co-ordinator, Alberta Pacific

"The Road Badger did an excellent job of salvaging that old oil that was on the surface, at the same time as it incorporated the new oil into a much deeper mix. (This process) has given us roads that, in many areas, are hard to tell from hot mix pavement. I recommend the Road Badger to anyone who wants nearly paved results for a small fraction of the cost."

Greg Deck
The Canyon Resort on Sinclair Creek

"In comparison, the Road Badger was able to double the production of our current method, while reducing our per kilometre cost by almost 50%. In addition, a lot more material was able to be recovered than blade scarifiers and without the base contamination common when ripper mounted scarifiers are used. Overall we were impressed with Road Badger and its performance."

Gerald Thorowsky
Road Maintenance Supervisor,
Lamont County