Road Badger: Uniquely Designed

Effective and Efficient Road Maintenance

The Road Badger is a unique, extremely versatile, patented piece of road restoration equipment. It is used for dirt, gravel and lightly surfaced road rehabilitation, as well as aeration, redemption and conservation of road materials and blending binders, dust abatement and road surfacing products into the traveling surface.

The Road Badger connects to the rear of a power unit such as a grader or tractor and can be used to effectively rehabilitate and extend the serviceability of gravel, earthen and lightly surfaced roads.

The Road Badger is effective on roads with a sub-base of indigenous materials, topped with a road base of compacted materials and overlaid by a travelling surface of at least two inches.
The travelling surface will be some combination of aggregate and fines used to create what is commonly referred to as a gravel road. With the addition of oil, it is called an oiled surface road. With the addition of an emulsified or cut back asphalt product, the travelling surface is commonly referred to as cold mix pavement.

Reduce, Reuse and Restore

Rather than regularly using large quantities of additional gravel, emulsifiers and dust abatement products to replenish the travelling surface, the Road Badger operates a patented scarifier and disc system to break up the road surface and rework the existing gravel, emulsifiers and dust abatement products. This allows the operator to restore the road surface, remove surface defects and provide an improved travelling surface without disturbing the existing road grade. On cold mix roads, the machine breaks up the existing cold mix pavement, which can then be refreshed, reshaped and re-compacted. The potential savings include a decrease in replacement aggregate, binding and dust abatement products, as well as associated hauling, equipment, fuel and labour costs.

Compare Road Badger to other machines:

Equipment Advantages Disadvantages


Self-propelled piece of road construction and maintenance equipment primarily designed to blade loose material into a smooth driving surface and the maintain the crown and road grade necessary for drainage.

  • Very good at establishing and maintaining road crown and slopes
  • Can remove shallow surface defects (less than 1" deep)
  • Available ripper attachment for tearing up road surface and sub-base in preparation for complete reconstruction of road
  • Ripper bars lack precise depth control, which can allow intermixing of sub-surface materials
  • Moves gravel to fill in low areas, thereby reducing thickness in other areas.
  • Road defects deeper than 1" are only filled in with loose material, not actually repaired
  • Graders are designed to move materials from one place to another and is therefore useless on cold mix or lightly surfaced roads, other than as a means of snow removal.


Road reconstruction equipment designed to pulverize and grind existing road surface and base material to a depth of 18", in preparation for a new layer of road surfacing materials to be laid on top.

  • Grinds surface and base materials into a homogeneous mix for use as sub-base for road
  • During the grinding and pulverizing process, additives such as dust abatement products can be mixed in
  • Works well with hot mix pavement and concrete
  • Grinds and pulverizes aggregate rather than allowing it to be recycled for use as road surface material
  • Requires new gravel and product to be applied to road surface
  • Tooling and operation costs are high

Road Badger

Road restoration equipment designed to recondition and upgrade gravelled and hard surface roads by reclaiming and remixing gravel, fines, oil, dust abatement and other emulsifiers and binders back to the road surface.

  • Retrieves, re-sizes and remixes existing road surface materials to uniform specifications
  • Eliminates road defects to a depth of 6"
  • Greatly reduces the need for new gravel, emulsifiers, oil, dust abatement and other products
  • Effective at mixing dust abatement, road surfacing materials and other stabilization products into existing road surface materials
  • The Road Badger moves seamlessly from oiled to gravel to cold mix roads without stopping, restoring existing product to the surface and repairing defects to a depth of 6".
  • Not effective on hot mix pavement or concrete road applications