Other applications: Topsoil Separation

Avoid cross-contamination on well-site leases

Reducing CO2 emissions, Reduces air pollution

The Road Badger, with its precise depth control, is able to efficiently fracture and break up ONLY the top soil, preventing cross contamination of soils during wellsite, lease road or pipeline right-of-way construction on farm land. Tested in frost levels of 16 - 18", working depths of 6" at an operational speed of 2 to 5 km/hr were attained.

Conventional methods would consist of using the ripper on a dozer, but precise depth control is unattainable. This can result in cross contamination of the soil, requiring more materials, equipment and time for proper remediation after completion of the project. Additionally, the large chunks created by the ripper tooth spacing on dozers can make working with the material difficult later on. If remediation is required, land owners might be understandably reluctant to have foreign top soils hauled in to their land, due to potential weed control and soil quality issues that could affect crop yield for many years to come.

The Road Badger can fracture and granulate the top soil to a uniform consistency – no large chunks! – and prevent potential cross-contamination by allowing the original soil to be returned to the land.

Using the Road Badger during the construction of lease roads increases efficiency, is more environmentally friendly and may even strengthen the relationship between landowners and those who lease their property for well sites and pipeline construction.

Road Badger Advantages:

  • Precise depth control prevents unwanted mixing of top soils with intermediate or sub soils.
  • Connects to the back of the ripper or dozer already on-site or can be attached to any other power unit with adequate traction and horse power.
  • Machine operates at 2 to 5 km/hr for high production and efficiency.

Efficient and effective with low operating costs. Fuel consumption estimated at 1 to 1.5 gallons/hour